Sumi Visits Aliah

Sumi was the mascot for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Paralympic games. His name comes from the Salish word “sumesh” meaning “guardian spirit”. He will be visiting everyone in our class for a week. This will give students the opportunity to share some of the things that they do at home, after school and on weekends.

On Tuesday I got Sumi home for a week. I was able to bring Sumi to all my activities like my Kumon, swimming and my P.R.E.P. class.

On Friday we watched a movie with Sumi. I had lots of fun watching the movie with Sumi. He also saw Miga, another mascot from the Paralympic games. Sumi enjoyed playing with my little sister. He sat on my little sisters car seat. He went to church with my family. I hope Sumi had lots of fun with me.

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