Sumi Visits Maya

I got Sumi then we drove to Whistler. We watched a movie on the way up. We stopped at Squamish for dinner. Sumi went into the restaurant with me, and sat on his head the whole time. When we got to Whistler me and Sumi flew airplanes, and I almost threw him off the bed. Sumi slept with Nic’s stuffy Bobby.

In the morning I took Sumi out of his bed and did yoga with him. Then we watched tv. I’m going to go skiing with Sumi today. I took Sumi skiing and we took pictures. Sumi went to Bounce with us. Then we went to bed. Sumi didn’t go skiing today because I had ski school. We went home today. Sumi hung out in the trunk. I had to go to school, so Sumi hung out in his case all day. We took him for a walk after school. Cause we thought he needed something to do. I have to take Sumi to school tomorrow. I hope Sumi had fun with me, and I hope Sumi visits my house again!

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