A Trip Down Market Street In 1906

This film was shot on April 14, 1906, just four days before the San Francisco earthquake and fire. It was produced by moving picture photographers the Miles brothers: Harry, Herbert, Earle and Joe. Harry J. Miles hand-cranked the Bell & Howell camera which was placed on the front of a streetcar during filming on Market Street. The video shows what life was like over 100 years ago. There is sound for the video as well. Please leave a comment after watching the video.


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  1. We couldn’t believe all the cars and horses and people going all over the place. We saw the policeman had a club instead of a gun. We noticed all the women were wearing dresses and all the men wore hats!

  2. I loved the video and it was great because the clothes that the people wore was really really different than the clothes we wear today. I can not believe that the kids rode on the back of the cars and it was awesome, and I enjoyed watching the video a lot.

  3. I liked how people can go on little wagons whenever they want. People back then were crazy! Before the earthquake and fire it was good but after the earthquake and fire a lot of people died and that was very sad.

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