My Perfect Day – By Hazel

This is what my perfect day would be like. For breakfast I would have a crepe with whipped cream and berries and bacon on the side. After breakfast, I would go to the pet store and buy a kitty. Then, I would bake a LOT of things with mommy, for example; a DELICIOUS Billy Minor pie. For lunch I would have salad soup (without carrots, and with rice noodles) After lunch I would play with the kitty I got after breakfast (it’s a girl, and her name is Cherry. She’s a Singapura.) And after that, I would go fishing so I can feed Cherry. For supper I would have stew (without carrots, and with Challah bread) After supper I would eat some treats that we made, then play War with mommy and then watch her play Candy Crush in bed. And finally, I would read a chapter of The People of Sparks.

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  1. Hi Hazel,

    Your ‘Perfect Day’ would be a lot of fun. I’ve never had Billy Minor pie before, but it looks delicious. I thought your ‘Perfect Day’ might include some music and singing. I hope you are enjoying reading ‘The People of Sparks’. Keep up the good work.

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