My Perfect Day – By Diya

This is what my perfect day would be like. For breakfast I would have pancakes and then I would go to the pet store to get a new kitten (the new kitten would be a girl). Then I would play with my new kitten and finger knit toys for her (collars and bows). Then I would have lunch. For lunch I would have a peanut butter sandwich. Then I would do some art and have a playdate with my friend. After my playdate I would go to a birthday party at the movie theatre and we would get to play at the arcade for some while (each game would be 25 cents so I would play 10 games) and then we would watch a movie. For dinner I would have pizza (because I would be at the birthday party) and red velvet cake with vanilla frosting. After dinner we would receive our goody bags and the person who’s birthday it was would open all her presents (I would give her a bracelet kit) and then it would be time to leave. After the birthday party I would go to Chapter’s or any bookstore and I would get The People of Sparks and the other two books after it. That would be my perfect day.

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  1. Hi Diya,

    Wow! Your ‘Perfect Day’ is a busy one. What would you name your new kitten? I hope you get to read The People of Sparks which is the continuing adventure of Doon and Lina. You writing is fun to read, with lots of details. Keep up the good work, Diya.

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