My Pefect Day – By Amalie

My perfect day would start out like this. Early in the morning my family and some friends would pack up and go to Banff national park. We would get there early so we could have breakfast there. We would have pancakes and syrup. After that we would go to a lake and swim until lunch. We would have cheese bread and munchies and some veggies. Then we would go for a really long hike. When we came back, we would refresh ourselves in the lake. Then for dinner we would have camp veggies and some rice (yum). After that we would roast marshmallows and tell scary stories. Then we would start to head home and when we get home, we would run to the pet store and get a dog, his name would be Hunter. After that I would invite four friends to my house, and we would watch a movie called The House With A Clock In Its Walls. After the movie we would talk for a little while and then we would go to bed. And that is my perfect day!

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