My Perfect Day – By Daniel

My perfect day would start by waking up in a great  mood, I would have an omelette for breakfast. After breakfast I would have a bike ride with my sister. Then I would go and draw in my room. I would draw a big mountain with a train under it. After that I would draw a map of the area around my house. I love to draw. Then for lunch I would have sushi. Then after lunch I would invite my cousin to come and play with Nerf guns. Then we would go inside and play Lego. When he left, I would play board games with my family. After we played a board game, I would play a game on my dad’s computer. When I finish playing the game on my dad’s computer I would read a book. Then me and my family would watch a movie. Then I would go to bed. And that is how my  perfect day would end.

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