Beautiful British Columbia

We are fortunate to live in a province with so much natural beauty. Sometimes when I’m out hiking and exploring, I’ll take some video with my drone. A drone is an amazing piece of technology, but it must be used responsibly. Can you see the fishing black bear in the video? What’s your favourite part of the video? Do you like the music? In the lower right hand corner is a button you can click to see the video full screen.

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13 thoughts on “Beautiful British Columbia

  1. I really like the music and it looks like a good place to hike. And I like the Bear drinking water from the lake to.

  2. Cool! I really liked the part where there was a U shaped road at the beginning!

  3. Mr.Preshaw,
    Is that your drone, i really liked it. the music is perfect for the footage

  4. Thanks Amalie. I’m glad you liked the video and yes, I used my drone. The music is from Iceland.

  5. Good for you Megan. I like the U shaped road too, I thought it would look neat if I filmed it with my drone. Keep up the good work.

  6. The music is from Iceland, Kellen. The bear was busy trying to catch fish in the river.

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