My Pefect Day – By Amalie

My perfect day would start out like this. Early in the morning my family and some friends would pack up and go to Banff national park. We would get there early so we could have breakfast there. We would have pancakes and syrup. After that we would go to a lake and swim until lunch. We would have cheese bread and munchies and some veggies. Then we would go for a really long hike. When we came back, we would refresh ourselves in the lake. Then for dinner we would have camp veggies and some rice (yum). After that we would roast marshmallows and tell scary stories. Then we would start to head home and when we get home, we would run to the pet store and get a dog, his name would be Hunter. After that I would invite four friends to my house, and we would watch a movie called The House With A Clock In Its Walls. After the movie we would talk for a little while and then we would go to bed. And that is my perfect day!

My Perfect Day – By Diya

This is what my perfect day would be like. For breakfast I would have pancakes and then I would go to the pet store to get a new kitten (the new kitten would be a girl). Then I would play with my new kitten and finger knit toys for her (collars and bows). Then I would have lunch. For lunch I would have a peanut butter sandwich. Then I would do some art and have a playdate with my friend. After my playdate I would go to a birthday party at the movie theatre and we would get to play at the arcade for some while (each game would be 25 cents so I would play 10 games) and then we would watch a movie. For dinner I would have pizza (because I would be at the birthday party) and red velvet cake with vanilla frosting. After dinner we would receive our goody bags and the person who’s birthday it was would open all her presents (I would give her a bracelet kit) and then it would be time to leave. After the birthday party I would go to Chapter’s or any bookstore and I would get The People of Sparks and the other two books after it. That would be my perfect day.

My Perfect Day – By Megan

My perfect day would start by sleeping in until 9:00 a.m. For breakfast I would have a choice of crepes or waffles. After breakfast I would play board games with my family. Lunch would be peanut butter and jam sandwiches. After lunch my mom would surprise me by bringing me to the pet store and getting me a (non- shedding) dog which is a lot of money. It would be very cute and it would take a very long time to agree on a name. I would play with the dog for hours. Then my dad would say I can invite 4 people over to spend the night. I would choose my best friend, my other best friend, my other friend and her sister. At the sleepover we would build a fort, do crafts and lots of other things. Finally, we would put on our pajamas and watch a movie in the fort. When the movie is over we would chat for a little while and then go to sleep. And that is my perfect day!

My Perfect Day – By Hazel

This is what my perfect day would be like. For breakfast I would have a crepe with whipped cream and berries and bacon on the side. After breakfast, I would go to the pet store and buy a kitty. Then, I would bake a LOT of things with mommy, for example; a DELICIOUS Billy Minor pie. For lunch I would have salad soup (without carrots, and with rice noodles) After lunch I would play with the kitty I got after breakfast (it’s a girl, and her name is Cherry. She’s a Singapura.) And after that, I would go fishing so I can feed Cherry. For supper I would have stew (without carrots, and with Challah bread) After supper I would eat some treats that we made, then play War with mommy and then watch her play Candy Crush in bed. And finally, I would read a chapter of The People of Sparks.

Yarn Sticks and Printmaking

The students in Division 13 have been busy creating beautiful artwork. We used acrylic yarn, wood, beads and feathers to make unique Yarn Sticks. They are hanging on the bulletin board by the gym and in our classroom. We have also been learning the technique of Printmaking. A special thanks to the parent helpers who helped students to make prints using red, green, gold and silver. The prints are hanging on the two bulletin boards right outside of our classroom. If you have some time, please stop by our classroom to see your child’s fabulous artwork.

Amalie – Employee of the Month

Amalie took the initiative this term to get involved in the Credit Union program at our school. This takes place during the lunch hour and was set up at the end of last year to give students the opportunity to open a bank account , make deposits and watch their balance grow while also giving our grade 4 and 5 students the opportunity to apply, interview and work at the bank. She recently received a certificate for being the October Employee of the Month. Keep up the good work, Amalie.


For the next two weeks at our school we’ll be learning how to play Pickleball. This will take place during our regular gym time. Pickleball is a game that is a combination of tennis, badminton and table tennis. Two or four players use a wooden paddle to hit a whiffle ball over a net. Pickleball was invented in the mid 1960’s as a children’s backyard game. Below is a video about how to play and the rules for Pickleball. Please feel free to leave a comment. Are you looking forward to learning how to play? Do you have any questions about the sport?

Vancouver Maritime Museum

Last week the class went on a field trip to the Vancouver Maritime Museum and participated in the Arctic Explorers school program. Students learned about famous Arctic explorers like John Franklin, Martin Frobisher, Roald Amundsen, the Vikings and Inuit. The class had time to explore the St. Roch which was an RCMP ship that sailed through the Northwest Passage twice. During the winter, Captain Henry Larsen and the rest of the RCMP officers who formed her crew used dog sleds to turn the St. Roch into a floating RCMP outpost. At that time, the St. Roch was the only Canadian presence in the far north, carrying out various governmental duties. Thank you to all the parent drivers who also helped to supervise the students at the museum. What was your favourite part of the field trip? Did you learn something that was very interesting? Please leave a comment below.