Leah’s Book Report – Matilda by Roald Dahl


Story Summary

Matilda is an extraordinary genius with not so smart parents. Her mom plays bingo and her dad is a car dealer. She can read books by Charles Dickens. In the end she ends up living with her teacher.

Why did you like this book?

I thought it was funny because the parents were silly and hilarious. I think it was my favourite book by Roald Dahl.

Who would you recommend this book to?

I think I would recommend this book to my friend Kate and my dad. I think Kate would enjoy it. My dad would just laugh.

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Best Books Of 2015

On Friday we had a visit from the children’s librarian at the public library. She told us all about the best grade 2 and 3 books for 2015. The books are listed below, click on a link to learn more about each title.









Dory Fantasmagory by Abby Hanlon

Hamster Princess: Harriet the Invincible by Ursula Vernon

Francine Poulet Meets the Ghost Raccoon by Kate DiCamillo

The Notebook of Doom # 8: Charge of the Lightning Bugs by Troy Cummings

The Ghastly McNastys: Raiders of the Lost Shark by Lyn Gardner

Digby O’Day and the Great Diamond Robbery by Shirley Hughes

Detective Gordon: The First Case by Ulf Nilsson

Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny by John Himmelman

The Adventures of Sophie Mouse Book # 1: A New Friend by Poppy Green

The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale

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Chapter Books For Young Readers



How to Train Your Dragon – is a series of ten books by the British author Cressida Cowell. The books take place in a fictional Viking world and focus on the adventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. A feature film has also been created.

The Emerald Atlas – a book by John Stephens, The Emerald Atlas is the first stage of a journey that will take Kate, Michael, and Emma to strange, dangerous lands and deep within themselves. It is the story of three children who set out to save their family, and end up having to save the world. Book number two ‘The Fire Chronicle’ is the newest book in this trilogy.

Frindle – by Andrew Clements, is a story about a grade five student named Nicholas Allen who decides to create a new word for a pen by calling it a ‘frindle’. His English teacher Mrs. Granger, who loves the dictionary, doesn’t  like Nick and the other students at Lincoln elementary calling a pen a ‘frindle’. A funny story about the power of words.

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