Beautiful British Columbia

We are fortunate to live in a province with so much natural beauty. Sometimes when I’m out hiking and exploring, I’ll take some video with my drone. A drone is an amazing piece of technology, but it must be used responsibly. Can you see the fishing black bear in the video? What’s your favourite part of the video? Do you like the music? In the lower right hand corner is a button you can click to see the video full screen.

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Vancouver Maritime Museum

Last week the class went on a field trip to the Vancouver Maritime Museum and participated in the Arctic Explorers school program. Students learned about famous Arctic explorers like John Franklin, Martin Frobisher, Roald Amundsen, the Vikings and Inuit. The class had time to explore the St. Roch which was an RCMP ship that sailed through the Northwest Passage twice. During the winter, Captain Henry Larsen and the rest of the RCMP officers who formed her crew used dog sleds to turn the St. Roch into a floating RCMP outpost. At that time, the St. Roch was the only Canadian presence in the far north, carrying out various governmental duties. Thank you to all the parent drivers who also helped to supervise the students at the museum. What was your favourite part of the field trip? Did you learn something that was very interesting? Please leave a comment below.



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The Terry Fox Run

On Friday we had the Terry Fox Run at our school and the weather was perfect for running. In the morning the students watched a DVD about Terry’s Marathon of Hope. In the beginning when he dipped his artificial leg in the Atlantic Ocean in St. John’s, Newfoundland very few people were interested in his run. By the time he reached Toronto a large number of people came to see him run, cheering him on and listening to him address the crowd. Terry would get up very early and start running at 5:00 a.m. He really liked this time because it was dark, quiet and there were very few people around. Terry ran the equivalent distance of a marathon every day. Congratulations to students like Amalie, Grayson, Ediz etc. who ran three laps around our neighbourhood. Good for you!

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Looking At Historical Photos Of Our Community

Each student was given a different historical photo of our community. The images are in black and white and some of the photos are over 100 years old. Students wrote about what they noticed in their photos and things that were different than our community today. We noticed people in the photos dressed differently and the houses were smaller. The cars had more chrome, whitewall tires and many of the roads weren’t paved. We created a bulletin board display at the front of the school which will remain there for the month of February. If you get the chance, be sure to see the students wonderful work!

Historic Photos 1

Historic Photo 3

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Matthew Asks An Interesting Question

In Social Studies we have been learning about the provinces and territories of Canada. We also learned that many people visit the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut to see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. During a class discussionMatthew asked an interesting question. He said ‘What causes the Northern Lights?’. Below is a video from the University of Oslo that does a very good job of explaining what causes this natural light display. In the southern hemisphere the lights are called the Aurora Australis.


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