Tennis Program


For the last two weeks we’ve had a tennis program at our school. The students use youth sized racquets and large foam balls to learn how to play. The first few classes we learned how to bounce the foam ball on our racquets, then we practiced hitting the ball against the wall of the gym. We are now rallying over a net with a partner! How have you liked the tennis program? Do you feel you are improving at playing tennis? Is this a sport you would like to continue playing in the future? Please feel free to leave a comment.

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Kilometre Club


It’s a busy time at our school as students are learning and practicing different track and field events. We are also participating in the Kilometre Club where students run laps of the gravel field to improve their level of fitness. About 4 laps is 1 kilometre and after 20 laps they receive a brightly coloured plastic foot. The feet accumulate on a chain which they can wear around their neck. We find time to run about 3 times per week for approximately 20 minutes. All the students are running really well and Andrew has run close to 180 laps! Above is a picture of a student in our class wearing his Kilometre Club chain. Keep up the good work Division 7.

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Adventure Playground

The new adventure playground has been installed and it looks like it will be lots of fun for the students at our school. They need to add wood chips or fibre to cover the area underneath the structure and then it will be ready to go. Thank you to the GPAC for raising the funds needed to purchase this playground equipment. My students can’t wait to experience climbing on this structure during their recess and lunch breaks.

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The Kilometer Club

At our school the students have been participating in the ”Kilometer Club’ for the last six weeks. Three times a week we have gone outside to run for twenty minutes around the soccer field. Our goal has been to improve our level of fitness. Every five laps of the field is equivalent to a kilometer and after twenty laps the students earn a plastic coloured foot or token. We keep the coloured tokens on a chain which can be worn around the neck. Some of my grade three students are strong runners and were able to complete over two hundred laps by the end of the program. The students started the ‘Kilometer Club’ last year and we’ll probably do it again next year. Each year they add more coloured feet or tokens to their chain. Congratulations to all the students in Division 7 for their determined running over the last six weeks!

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