Sumi Visits Maya

I got Sumi then we drove to Whistler. We watched a movie on the way up. We stopped at Squamish for dinner. Sumi went into the restaurant with me, and sat on his head the whole time. When we got to Whistler me and Sumi flew airplanes, and I almost threw him off the bed. Sumi slept with Nic’s stuffy Bobby.

In the morning I took Sumi out of his bed and did yoga with him. Then we watched tv. I’m going to go skiing with Sumi today. I took Sumi skiing and we took pictures. Sumi went to Bounce with us. Then we went to bed. Sumi didn’t go skiing today because I had ski school. We went home today. Sumi hung out in the trunk. I had to go to school, so Sumi hung out in his case all day. We took him for a walk after school. Cause we thought he needed something to do. I have to take Sumi to school tomorrow. I hope Sumi had fun with me, and I hope Sumi visits my house again!

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Sumi Visits Kiana

On Tuesday I took Sumi to skating lessons. I think he really liked it! Sumi also pretended he was on a sled getting ready to play sledge hockey. He pretended by sitting on my skateboard and holding my hockey stick. Tonight me and Sumi are going to have chicken and watch the hockey game. But first we have to do our homework, I hope he’s good at symmetry. On Wednesday Sumi got to go horseback writing with his friends Quatchi and Miga. That night Sumi slept with me and Jazzy in Jazzy’s room. He slept on Rosy the horse with his friends. On Thursday after dinner Sumi hung out with me and my mom while Jazzy and dad went to soccer practice.

Me and Sumi researched on a project about Mauna Kea Observatories. Me, my mom and Sumi finished one paragraph on my project. It was really fun. Tomorrow, I’m going to show Sumi my Dog Breed Bible book and it’s all about dogs. On Saturday in the morning me, Jazzy and Sumi watched Aliens in the Attic. It was super fun! And at 7:00 p.m. we watched a hockey game with my dad. On Sunday Sumi came to watch my soccer tournament, there were three mini games and they were each 30 minutes long. My team won all of them. Sumi told my mom he wants to play soccer at the next Paralympics.

On Monday I had friends over to play. I had Lily and Ella over for a play date. Sumi really liked Lily and they played for a little bit together. When I was at soccer Jazzy babysat Sumi and she even drew a picture of her. I think Sumi really enjoyed it! On Tuesday I took Sumi to Granville Island. I took him out when I got there. I didn’t want to lose him so I left him in the car. On Wednesday Sumi went to work with my mom while me and Jazzy went to my grandmas house. On Thursday I have to take Sumi back to school. I think Sumi had fun and I hope he can come to my house again.

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Sumi Visits Brendan

After I got Sumi I took him to my power skating and he loved it. On Saturday I took Sumi to three sessions of hockey. I think Sumi likes how I play hockey. That night me and Sumi watched Chicken Run. On Monday Sumi watched me play hockey at inside edge. Sumi and me watched the Super Bowl. And I brought Sumi to my karate. I hope Sumi likes me.

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Sumi Visits Aliah

Sumi was the mascot for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Paralympic games. His name comes from the Salish word “sumesh” meaning “guardian spirit”. He will be visiting everyone in our class for a week. This will give students the opportunity to share some of the things that they do at home, after school and on weekends.

On Tuesday I got Sumi home for a week. I was able to bring Sumi to all my activities like my Kumon, swimming and my P.R.E.P. class.

On Friday we watched a movie with Sumi. I had lots of fun watching the movie with Sumi. He also saw Miga, another mascot from the Paralympic games. Sumi enjoyed playing with my little sister. He sat on my little sisters car seat. He went to church with my family. I hope Sumi had lots of fun with me.

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